The neuropalliative telemedicine center is located at Agatharied Hospital. The center grants a 24 hours on-call service (24/7), where the SAPV teams or the caring nurse in the hospice can contact in case of neurological issues.

With the help of a mobile telesystem (MEYDOC® Client), secure audiovisual teleconsultations can be performed with easy handling and high data security. The neurological consultant can guide the on-site practitioner in the necessary examination, follow the examination and discuss the result and the treatment proposal together with the SAPV team or the attending physician in the hospice over any distance.

Tasks of the Telemedicine center

The tasks of the Telemedicine Center Agatharied include the differentiated individual symptom control for patients with neurodegenerative diseases, as well as the differentiated diagnosis of neurological symptoms. In addition, the Agatharied Telemedicine Center provides support with equipment-related problems, such as setting up home ventilation, filling a Baclofen pump or a pain pump, and regulating an apomorphine pump or Duodopa pump. There is also the possibility of an expert discussion for the patient's relatives who are present. Furthermore, the Agatharied Telemedicine Center assists with changes in therapy goals.

Technical setup

The telemedicine center is equipped with a laptop on which the MEYDOC® Master Software is installed.

The SAPV teams and hospices are provided with MEYDOC® Client sets (smartphone or tablet with a powerful camera, mobile WLAN router).

The application software (app) MEYDOC® Client for establishing a secure connection with the telemedical center is preconfigured on mobile devices. A high-availability broadband Internet connection is required for flawless operation. For this reason, the SAPV teams are additionally equipped with a mobile WLAN router so that they can access an alternative network at any time.

Delivery, installation and support of the telemedical systems are carried out by the consortium partner MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme from Brandenburg.